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22 Years of service to the south Puget Sound

Washington contractor license NATIOCS981JN

Schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning today- See pricing below.

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-Chimney Cleaning Prices-


Fireplace or Freestanding woodstove

$139.00 (Plus tax.)

$159.00 outside Olympia area

Woodstove insert cleaning – 

$159.00 (Plus tax. Normal price- $159.00)    

$179.00 outside Olympia area.

 Oil furnace chimney cleaning- 

$159.00 (Plus tax. Normal price- $159.00)    

$179.00 outside Olympia area.

 Dryer vent cleaning- 

$129.00 (Plus tax. Normal price- $129.00)    

$149.00 outside Olympia area.

Chimney inspections with no sweep 

$129.00  (Plus tax.)      

$139.00 outside Olympia area.

Call today to schedule – (360) 754-3902


Our chimney sweeping videos:

Inside perspective   <- (Click on link)

Outside perspective